“I have visited Minsk three times. I met extreme kindness in the beautiful and interesting city – and I do want to return some day.

Sophia, the daughter of a Polotsk prince, was born in 1140 – and later became Queen of Denmark.

I have written a book about this fascinating woman”.

Birgitte Hammer

- author, historian



BELADANIA is a Danish-based NGO whose purpose is to create a permanent long-term hub for knowledge exchange and networking as a practical tool for civil society, business and academia promoting dialogue and regional cooperation of Nordic and Baltic countries with Belarus. Our moto is “Knowledge for Regional Cooperation”.



Beladania’s vision is to contribute to a sustainable regional and European cooperation by means of an open cultural and educational dialogue between Belarus, Denmark, and the NB8 countries.


Beladania’s mission is to be a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience between local communities, NGOs, educational and business organisations

We put...

H - Hygge

E - Expertise  

A - Assistance

R - Respect

T - Trust

...in everything we do


BELADANIA is an NGO independent of political parties, industrial and organisational interests. It functions exclusively as a facilitator of cultural, educational and information exchange as well as cross-regional networking.

Founded in the beginning of 2020, Danish-Belarusian Culture Society BELADANIA is a non-profit organisation for Danes interested in Belarus and Belarusians keen on Denmark.

It builds on a unique set of competences and knowledge about the common Danish-Belarusian historical legacy and cultural heritage. We believe in culture as a soft power instrument and an essential nation-building component not only for big countries, but also for small states. We aim at supporting the sustainable development of the Belarusian as well as Danish culture in an increasingly globalised world.

In our team, we have a clear idea and all the necessary expertise and knowledge of how to boost the nation brands and how to enhance more dynamics in international relations. We have highly qualified professionals, academics and connoisseurs of culture to make this possible. Follow us on www.facebook.com/beladania.org and stay updated about our current events.


Young people, think-tanks, local communities and everyone interested in interregional cooperation



YoPeNET - Young People Network for Balticness


Laboratory of Identity and Education Platform.


NordBel Temporary Youth News desk digest

(November 2020-January 2021)

Young people taking the lead to support democratic development.

Multi-cultural prison in Nordic countries and Russia



As a member of Beladania,

    - You support intercultural exchange of all-the-things-Danish in Belarus and all-the-things-Belarusian in Denmark
    - You become part of a vibrant network of partnerships working closely on sustainable growth and prosperity in the Baltic Sea region and the Nordic countries
    - You are a proactive ambassador and co-creator of our common culture and values 

    To request a membership, please send us an email to info@beladania.org


                              Lizaveta Dubinka-Hushcha, Chairwoman

                              Jens Worning Sørensen, Vice Chair

                              Ala Hurbo, Treasurer